Social Apps, Content Management Systems, eCommerce solutions, CRMs - we build all kind of apps using Ruby on Rails, the Agile way!

Powered by Rails, JQuery, Phusion Passenger, NGinx, Postgres and Git

Our Social Media Marketing services use the best tools in the market and are tailor made for smaller businesses.

Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Google Plus & Google Analytics.

An open-source and free Rails Admin Panel for managing a web application's assets, users, pages, blog, SEO and Social Media Integration.

AppYantra Admin Ruby Gem
gem install appyantra_admin
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AppYantra is a Web products and Social Media Marketing firm that develops Ruby on Rails applications the Agile way.

Agile Development Release often, avoid waste.

We build and release in short iterations to constantly validate the efficacy of the solution. Our projects are managed using Scrum Methodology, mostly using Pivotal Tracker.

Our preferred Technology Stack Its best to use the best.

We are very much opinionated about the tools that are to be used for our trade - Ruby on Rails, JQuery, Phusion Passenger, NGinx, Postgres and Git.

Social Media Marketing Engage better.

Leverage our expertise in Social Media Marketing to get the most out of your Social Media prescence by using the right set of tools and smart content management.


We came to AppYantra for our technology needs, and we got all the help we needed to set up our business model online. The project was well developed and has been constantly enhanced by AppYantra since its release.
Amit Chelawat, Executive Director, Factcertifier

The tools we use and what powers our Apps